Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Take a peek into my bag

Finally i'm bloging again! Teribly sorry for not having a blog over 3 months! I have been in Indonesia for over 2 months and i'm doing my big project here. I started again to design for my brand Pauley which has vacuum for several months. This project really takes so much time and consentration but i love doing this. As an apology let me share you 'take a peek into the bag', a bag i designed in last month and the stuffs inside i bring everyday. I promise you to share another photos and of course about my design. I hope you enjoy it guys!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Inspiration with Pauley

Shopping day
At the Beach
Night Out
Hanging Out
Afternoon Tea
Glam Rock
These things i choosed to make Summer Inspiration Outfit with Pauley bag. Some different outfit for your summer style. These also can you find on my Facebook page. Now i wanna know which one is your favorite?

p.s: All the pictures were taken overall in internet


Friday, August 3, 2012

Red velvet cupcake

Yes, finally weekend, I usually on Friday bake something sweet, mostly cake! I'm a huge fan of any cake's. This time I decided to make a red velvet cupcake which the recipe I  found on www.foodnetwork.com. The result was great! The cake is very soft plus the taste of the creamy cheese makes me want to eat them all.
So,  I wish you guys a very happy weekend..!!